8 Ways You’re Saving By Staying Home

Silver linings = Zero primping needed!

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We are living in very strange times. Most of us are currently under a stay-at-home restriction. We can all certainly point out the negatives, but let’s try looking at this from a cost-savings standpoint. Just think…

  1. You’re likely saving money when it comes to your car. Not going anywhere, no gas needed!
  2. And speaking of cars, the wear-and-tear on your 2013 Outback just dramatically decreased in speed. You may not need those new tires until next year!
  3. What about primping? If we are stuck at home, how often are we really putting on makeup or doing our hair? Think of all the moola you’re not currently spending on lipsticks and Vavoom!
  4. And when it comes to primping, you best believe I’ve lived in pajamas for 3 days straight (see pic above). Saving the planet one less load of laundry at a time! Heck, we’re already decreasing pollution by not driving.
  5. If you’re limiting eating out, you are likely being more deliberate about cooking. Who doesn’t love cutting calories!
  6. If you had a club membership, for fitness, recreation, activities, etc, you don’t have to renew for April! And if you’re feeling guilty, you can certainly donate now or plan to volunteer time in addition to $ to help out your organization in the future. In the interim, check out some discounted or free classes online.
  7. Time. Some would say it is our most valuable asset. And now we likely have some extra. Use it in clever and wise ways. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on a home project? Or a self-care task? Now’s your time.
  8. And above all, you are saving precious healthcare resources by STAYING HOME.

Keep at it everyone. You’re doing a fine job!

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