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Accountability Buddy

Organizing and tackling the never-ending To Do list IS possible. With customized schedules, visual progression and personal check-ins, I can help you make sense of the mess, stay on track, stop procrastinating, and reach your goals! No need to beat yourself up; I will continuously support and motivate and give you that extra boost when you need it most. Pittsburgh-based life coach, but with virtual appointments, join from anywhere.

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Children’s STEM Books

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the clubs, camps, and STEM programs available for your children? Not ready to spend your savings on every option? As a professional writer and mom, I wanted to introduce esoteric careers to little minds in an affordable way. With consultation from experts in the fields, I have developed 13 colorful, easy readers thus far and the list is growing (PS I can do custom books about YOUR career). Engage your kids and watch their brains absorb like sponges. Spend little now and you can gauge their interests for larger commitments!


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Professional Writing & Speaking

No matter your experience level or employment goal, writing and speaking will likely be involved. I offer editing services, resume reviews, grant writing, educational seminars, and public speaking lessons. It’s time to ditch the social media speak and emojis.

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Motivational Speaking

Need someone to encourage your employees? Want to engage your audience and take your event to the next level? I provide inspiring talks on career development, life design, fitness and health, and being a mom. I cater to any venue and any size crowd. My talks typically foster audience feedback and may include movement!

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BaM Choreography

What started as passion for dance grew into a business – developed by my sister Brianna Pato and I. We collaborate and provide dance and fitness classes. We believe in the power of dance to not only remove stress, but to also boost mindfulness. Besides conventional classes, Dance & Write, Dancing About Science, Dancing About Dreams, Mindful Movement, Together We Dance, Donate & Dance, Dance & Sip, Mommy & Me, and Labor Dancing for Pregnant Moms are some of our many workshops.

We now also offer online virtual classes to dance anywhere, on your time.

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Event Curation

Endless emails and spreadsheets? Gathering performers, artists, and other vendors for an event can be time-consuming and chaotic. I can do the heave lifting (and organizing) so you can focus on the big picture.

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Meghan Greenwood, PhD

  • PhD in Immunology, University of Pittsburgh 2012
  • Group Certified Fitness Instructor, ACE 2016

Professional writer, fitness enthusiast, advocate of women, proud Pittsburgh mama. My overall goal is to encourage the health and happiness of others.

From the University of Pittsburgh lab bench, I transitioned to medical writing, where I communicate clinical trial results for a number of venues. My science and writing background as well as my passions for dancing, education and doing have merged to help me develop these products and services. I am continuously looking for new areas to explore and contribute. Creating is what keeps me motivated. Never stop dreaming. #pghdreamer

I love reading, music and all things family. My 2 boys keep me very active! I am also energized by new physical challenges; I am consistently humbled by an intermediate yoga flow and flying high on aerial silks.


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