Happiness IS Fleeting

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Happiness-IS-Fleeting-e120h46 As a society, we are in a constant search for happiness. We tell ourselves buying something, obtaining something, and/or accomplishing something will make us happy. And then we do it. We’re happy for a few minutes, perhaps days. But then it seems to go away and we’re back to squareContinue reading “Happiness IS Fleeting”

Just Say Yes

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Just-Say-Yes-e11id7l There is a lot of content available surrounding the power of the word ‘No’. Saying ‘no’ to a request that you don’t want to do, saying ‘no’ to someone who brings toxicity into your life, and generally, saying ‘no’ to protect your boundaries and limited rest time. While I amContinue reading “Just Say Yes”

I Didn’t Ignore It

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/I-Didnt-Ignore-It-e112sta As our lives start to get busier and busier (again), this is a perfect time to reflect on lessons learned over the course of the pandemic. One of the biggest in my world was dealing with health issues, instead of ignoring them. When it comes to my own physical health,Continue reading “I Didn’t Ignore It”

Proactive Relationships

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Proactive-Relationships-e10kipj Time and time again, I hear the same remarks: “He hasn’t called me back.” “I haven’t heard from her in weeks.” “With her schedule, it will never get planned.” “I feel like I haven’t talked to anyone in a long time.” All of these statements point out 2 things:Continue reading “Proactive Relationships”

Stop The Hanger: A Food Tale

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Stop-The-Hanger-A-Food-Tale-e105hb3 I am a grazer. I like little snacks throughout my entire day. For a long time, I questioned this approach, figuring either a) I’m not eating enough at one meal or b) what I am putting in my mouth is not sustaining. Lo and behold, both were true. And evenContinue reading “Stop The Hanger: A Food Tale”

Eat The Healthiest First: A Food Tale

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Eat-The-Healthiest-First-A-Food-Tale-evmkq2 As a child, I always saved the ‘best’ for last. I would begrudgingly eat the vegetables, choke down the red meat, and then get to the bread. “Why do you eat one thing at a time?” they would ask. A part of me didn’t like to mix the flavors,Continue reading “Eat The Healthiest First: A Food Tale”

Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale

Listen to the blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Do-Instead-of-Dont-A-Food-Tale-euoh6l Working overtime, running to the next activity, carting around the kids. A busy lifestyle not only can make your stress levels run high, but it can certainly take a toll on what you put in your mouth. With a plethora of grab-n-go options at your fingertips, not to mention howContinue reading “Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale”

Find Your Creative Therapy

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Find-Your-Creative-Therapy-etshic The power of working with your hands, the way your body feels as you move, the magnificent end-result of a photo shoot, the beautiful twinkling of chord progressions, the blossoming full garden in your backyard. The way we express ourselves creatively can have more than artistic appeal. It can inContinue reading “Find Your Creative Therapy”

Make a Plan

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Make-a-Plan-erd99n While it may seem motivating to state the goal, write it down, or even make it public knowledge (hello social media!), is that enough? For most people, figuring out the goal is challenging…and for some, once the goal is set, we have a misconception that it will just happen. ButContinue reading “Make a Plan”

Do Good, Feel Good

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Do-Good–Feel-Good-erd87d In the time of social distancing, it seems hard to make a connection – whether it’s with a tried and true friend, a long-distance relative, or with literal touch (I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hold back from shaking hands or hugging someone). Despite these challenges, thereContinue reading “Do Good, Feel Good”