Don’t Rock The Boat

Listen to the podcast: Everyday we wake up and likely go through a morning routine. We get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush our teeth (at least, I hope so). The mental energy needed to complete these tasks is minimal. We do them without much thought. We’re almost on autopilot. And if you’re anything likeContinue reading “Don’t Rock The Boat”

Our Path Series: Shannon Gregg

Shannon is an author, a certified speaker, a sales expert & consultant, and the found & president of Cloud Adoption Solutions. Check out Shannon’s services and offerings in the links below: Speaking and consulting: Cloud Adoption Solutions: LinkedIn: Listen to the full interview here:

Intentions Over Resolutions

Check out the podcast here: Another new year, another list of resolutions that we have high hopes of achieving. So many of us ponder what we want to change and January 1st seems like the best time to declare them to the world. Manifesting destiny is certainly good practice, don’t get me wrong. However,Continue reading “Intentions Over Resolutions”

Our Path Series: Susan Queen Henderson

Susan is a 15+ year PA State Licensed Esthetician & the creator and owner of Q Beauty Studio. Check out Susan’s services and offerings in the links below: Q Beauty Studio: Q Beauty Studio Facebook: IG: @qbeautystudio Listen to the full interview here:

Ration the Gift Experience

Listen to the Pgh Dreamer’s Pod: With the chaos of the holiday season, gifts can not only be overwhelming to buy, but also, overwhelming to receive. Think about how a child acts when they are being handed a gift from grandma on top of a gift from auntie on top of gifts from Santa.Continue reading “Ration the Gift Experience”

Our Path Series: Aubrey Worek

Aubrey Worek is a transformation specialist, a TV fitness expert, and the owner of FitnessEnvi. Check out Aubrey’s services and offerings in the links below: FitnessEnvi: Aubrey Worek: IG: @aubreyworek @fitnessenvi_ Listen to the full interview here:

Learn to Relax

Listen to the blog here: Relaxation is for many of us, a lost art. I asked several local women how they relax. Unsurprisingly, many felt that this was a really tough question to answer. After a lot of ‘ums’ and ‘ughs’, it was apparent that folks, regardless of whether or not they are workingContinue reading “Learn to Relax”

Our Path Series: Katie Hart

Katie Hart is an event coordinator, makeup artist, and the owner of By Hart Designs. Check out Katie’s services and offerings in the links below. Facebook & IG: @ByHartDesigns Facebook & IG: @makeupbykatiehart Listen to the full interview here:

Our Path Series: Jenly Deiter

Jenly Deiter is a stunning circus arts performer and assistant director of Iron City Aerial. She is also an aerial instructor and co-owner of Iron City Circus Arts. Check out Jenly and all of her studio offerings through the links below. Join the circus! Find Jenly and ICCA here: IG @jenly926 @ironcitycircusarts #cirquetheburghContinue reading “Our Path Series: Jenly Deiter”

Our Path Series: Alicia ‘DJ EESH’ Delmastro

Alicia Delmastro (aka DJ EESH) is a local Pittsburgh DJ, a community outreach specialist, an influencer, and a self-proclaimed Hills Carnival survivor. Besides DJing weddings, restaurants, and bars, DJ EESH helps plan and provides the music for many philanthropic events, focusing on youth services, addiction help, humane societies, and lots more. Find DJ EESH andContinue reading “Our Path Series: Alicia ‘DJ EESH’ Delmastro”