10 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Home Stay

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  1. Clean something out. That closet, drawer, toy chest you’ve been putting off. Now is the perfect time to create a donate and a trash pile.
  2. Read a book. The one that has collected dust on your shelf because you’ve never had the time.
  3. Take an online class. With tons to learn and do virtually, keep your body and mind stimulated in the comfort of home.
  4. Organize. Have a pile of papers, drawer of do-dads, or overflowing closet of clothes? Dive right in!
  5. Be creative. Write, paint, craft, build, color. The world is your oyster.
  6. Do your taxes. Yeah, I said it. If you were planning on filing yourself, why not check that off the to-do list?
  7. Carve out a space for self-care. Plop a pillow down near a window, place a yoga mat near your indoor plant, replace that unnecessary end table with a book nook. Make a space just for you.
  8. And speaking of self-care, soak in a tub, meditate, stretch. Rest, reflection, and well-being can be a nice change from the typical rat-race.
  9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. On the phone. What a concept!
  10. And if the stress of staying home is too much to handle, take a break from social media. Sometimes stress can be amplified if others are also stressed and making it known. If you go off the grid for a few days, you may find yourself more relaxed than ever.


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