Don’t Rock The Boat

Listen to the podcast: Everyday we wake up and likely go through a morning routine. We get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush our teeth (at least, I hope so). The mental energy needed to complete these tasks is minimal. We do them without much thought. We’re almost on autopilot. And if you’re anything likeContinue reading “Don’t Rock The Boat”

Intentions Over Resolutions

Check out the podcast here: Another new year, another list of resolutions that we have high hopes of achieving. So many of us ponder what we want to change and January 1st seems like the best time to declare them to the world. Manifesting destiny is certainly good practice, don’t get me wrong. However,Continue reading “Intentions Over Resolutions”

Pick It & Stick It

Listen to the podcast here:–Stick-It-e19not4 Post-its, sheets of paper, calendar, daily planner, a folder, your phone. All of these strategies are useful in their own right for keeping track of our schedule and to do list. However, if you’re anything like the majority, we sometimes get caught in a spiral of writing down notesContinue reading “Pick It & Stick It”

Hold Yourself To Your Own Standards

Listen to the podcast: With social media aplenty and everyone else’s best moments on prominent display, it’s hard not to constantly compare yourself. And with each mindless scroll, you could certainly start succumbing to the ‘comparison trap‘ – how does she look so great after having a baby? what kind of job does heContinue reading “Hold Yourself To Your Own Standards”

Our Path Series: Barbara Brutt

Barbara Brutt is a published author, an aerialist, a lead digital content specialist, a local influencer, and a self-proclaimed sugar connoisseur. Find Barbara and her books here: IG: @piquelar and @cordiallybarbara Facebook: @BarbaraBruttWriter Listen to my full interview with Barbara here:

I Can Still Go Outside

Listen to the podcast: I have never been an outdoor person. My strong affinity to computers, books, and warmth has tied me to the inside of the house since as long as I can remember. But when I was fortunate to have 2 little rambunctious boys, I realized that my proclivities could no longerContinue reading “I Can Still Go Outside”

5 Tips To Improve Your Resume

Listen to the blog here: Finding a job is a job in and of itself. A lot of time and effort goes into searching and applying for the job. After all of that, it is incredibly frustrating to not get an interview. According to Balance Careers, the number 1 reason folks are not chosenContinue reading “5 Tips To Improve Your Resume”

Manage Your Expectations

Listen to this blog here: Do you ever have those days when you wake up already irritated? Maybe youralarm is the culprit, but perhaps, there is an underlying, invisible barrieradding to the stir. A lot of my basal irritation certainly comes from a lack of uninterruptedsleep – with 2 kids under the age ofContinue reading “Manage Your Expectations”

Adult Up with 3 C’s

Listen to this blog: Think back to your fondest childhood memory. Perhaps it was a family vacation or playing with friends. Likely, you were carefree and happy…and more than likely, you had people to take care of you. While I am a firm believer in revisiting those airy times whenever possible, I also realizeContinue reading “Adult Up with 3 C’s”

Happiness IS Fleeting

Listen to this blog: As a society, we are in a constant search for happiness. We tell ourselves buying something, obtaining something, and/or accomplishing something will make us happy. And then we do it. We’re happy for a few minutes, perhaps days. But then it seems to go away and we’re back to squareContinue reading “Happiness IS Fleeting”