Adult Up with 3 C’s

Listen to this blog: Think back to your fondest childhood memory. Perhaps it was a family vacation or playing with friends. Likely, you were carefree and happy…and more than likely, you had people to take care of you. While I am a firm believer in revisiting those airy times whenever possible, I also realizeContinue reading “Adult Up with 3 C’s”

Happiness IS Fleeting

Listen to this blog: As a society, we are in a constant search for happiness. We tell ourselves buying something, obtaining something, and/or accomplishing something will make us happy. And then we do it. We’re happy for a few minutes, perhaps days. But then it seems to go away and we’re back to squareContinue reading “Happiness IS Fleeting”

Just Say Yes

Listen to this blog: There is a lot of content available surrounding the power of the word ‘No’. Saying ‘no’ to a request that you don’t want to do, saying ‘no’ to someone who brings toxicity into your life, and generally, saying ‘no’ to protect your boundaries and limited rest time. While I amContinue reading “Just Say Yes”

Proactive Relationships

Listen to the blog here: Time and time again, I hear the same remarks: “He hasn’t called me back.” “I haven’t heard from her in weeks.” “With her schedule, it will never get planned.” “I feel like I haven’t talked to anyone in a long time.” All of these statements point out 2 things:Continue reading “Proactive Relationships”

Eat The Healthiest First: A Food Tale

Listen to the blog here: As a child, I always saved the ‘best’ for last. I would begrudgingly eat the vegetables, choke down the red meat, and then get to the bread. “Why do you eat one thing at a time?” they would ask. A part of me didn’t like to mix the flavors,Continue reading “Eat The Healthiest First: A Food Tale”

Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale

Listen to the blog: Working overtime, running to the next activity, carting around the kids. A busy lifestyle not only can make your stress levels run high, but it can certainly take a toll on what you put in your mouth. With a plethora of grab-n-go options at your fingertips, not to mention howContinue reading “Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale”

Picture a Compassionate Figure

Listen to the blog: Think of someone in your world who has always been there for you. They have always lent a shoulder and an ear. Preferably, this figure does not judge and does not try to fix you. Most importantly, this figure should be someone who you are comfortable sharing your emotions with.Continue reading “Picture a Compassionate Figure”

Talk It Out

Listen to this blog: We often take for granted the power of talking. So many ideas float around in our heads, some bringing us happiness, others bringing us stress. We stay up at night worrying about decisions or to-dos. Yet, we hesitate to verbalize…maybe because we are not sure what to say…or not sureContinue reading “Talk It Out”

You’ve Grown

Listen to this blog: Rewind 10, 20, 30 years. Where were you living? Were you in school? In a different career? What did your circle of friends look like? Maybe thinking back, you experience a huge wave of nostalgia. Maybe a little remorse. Your feelings may cause some discomfort, and you quickly try toContinue reading “You’ve Grown”

Persuade Yourself

Listen to this blog: One of the biggest factors standing in our way of achieving a goal is our perception of pleasure and pain. Typically, if we are trying to stop a bad habit, we associate that with feelings of pain. For example, say you want to stop smoking – our brains likely jumpContinue reading “Persuade Yourself”