I Can Still Go Outside

Listen to the podcast: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/I-Can-Still-Go-Outside-e17a206 I have never been an outdoor person. My strong affinity to computers, books, and warmth has tied me to the inside of the house since as long as I can remember. But when I was fortunate to have 2 little rambunctious boys, I realized that my proclivities could no longerContinue reading “I Can Still Go Outside”

You Can Only Change You

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/You-Can-Only-Change-You-e15m98g No matter what we may want for another person, we can’t force that person to change. This was a hard lesson growing up, especially when I saw friends and family members not living up to their full potential – at least, in my eyes. I distinctly remember a conversationContinue reading “You Can Only Change You”

Manage Your Expectations

Listen to this blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Manage-Your-Expectations-e15dpne Do you ever have those days when you wake up already irritated? Maybe youralarm is the culprit, but perhaps, there is an underlying, invisible barrieradding to the stir. A lot of my basal irritation certainly comes from a lack of uninterruptedsleep – with 2 kids under the age ofContinue reading “Manage Your Expectations”

If Missed, Add It Back

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/If-Missed–Add-It-Back-e144q1u We all go through the motions of everyday chores and responsibilities. Whether we are working or caretaking or administrating, we are doing what we think we need to do. We are making it work. And we slowly turn into robots…with pieces of us potentially fading away. But how manyContinue reading “If Missed, Add It Back”

Stop Them Early

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Stop-Them-Early-e13jaou I know I’m a bit protective of my boys, but I didn’t realize the extent of the mommy- bear gene until G’s first bullying experience. He was playing with a group of boys when one of them (who at age 5 already walks around with a scowl and aContinue reading “Stop Them Early”

Adult Up with 3 C’s

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Adult-Up-with-3-Cs-e12r6v2 Think back to your fondest childhood memory. Perhaps it was a family vacation or playing with friends. Likely, you were carefree and happy…and more than likely, you had people to take care of you. While I am a firm believer in revisiting those airy times whenever possible, I also realizeContinue reading “Adult Up with 3 C’s”

Happiness IS Fleeting

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Happiness-IS-Fleeting-e120h46 As a society, we are in a constant search for happiness. We tell ourselves buying something, obtaining something, and/or accomplishing something will make us happy. And then we do it. We’re happy for a few minutes, perhaps days. But then it seems to go away and we’re back to squareContinue reading “Happiness IS Fleeting”

Stop The Hanger: A Food Tale

Listen to this blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Stop-The-Hanger-A-Food-Tale-e105hb3 I am a grazer. I like little snacks throughout my entire day. For a long time, I questioned this approach, figuring either a) I’m not eating enough at one meal or b) what I am putting in my mouth is not sustaining. Lo and behold, both were true. And evenContinue reading “Stop The Hanger: A Food Tale”

Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale

Listen to the blog: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Do-Instead-of-Dont-A-Food-Tale-euoh6l Working overtime, running to the next activity, carting around the kids. A busy lifestyle not only can make your stress levels run high, but it can certainly take a toll on what you put in your mouth. With a plethora of grab-n-go options at your fingertips, not to mention howContinue reading “Do Instead of Don’t: A Food Tale”

Detox Your Life

Listen to the blog here: https://anchor.fm/meghan-greenwood/episodes/Detox-Your-Life-etahqb Humans require several basic needs: food, water, shelter, and support. The support piece is open-ended. This could mean a solid job, good medical care, a network of understanding people, or a combination of any of the above. In a way, support is one of the hardest needs to obtain.Continue reading “Detox Your Life”