Our Path Series: Rickia Davenport

September 19, 2022

By Meghan Greenwood

Rickia is a fitness enthusiast and dance entrepreneur in the Pittsburgh area. She works with all ages in a number of capacities and has been named a Legacy Arts Project artist, a premiere advocate at the Be Healthy and Smart Initiative community, a previous Resident Artist at the KST Theater, and a Lead Teaching Artist for K-Theatre Dance Complex. She teaches dance to children and college students at Dance Junction & the Propel Schools and CCAC, respectively. Rickia has mentored youth through self advocacy, self love and self esteem workshops as well as advocated for women with group fitness and nutrition education programs.

Check out Rickia’s Services:

Rickia Davenport | Facebook

IG: @rickia_lynn

Email: jamout1216@gmail.com

K- Theatre Dance Complex | Facebook

Be Healthy and Smart Initiative | Facebook

Dance Junction | Facebook

Propel Schools | Facebook

The Legacy Arts Project | Facebook

Listen to Kia’s interview on the Pgh Dreamer’s Pod: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/GJb5r4qdstb


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