Be Supportive, Not A Rival

Listen to the blog here:–Not-A-Rival-e12beq1 In our social media-driven world, we are attuned to every little opinion and change that may be going on in our network’s personal and professional lives. On one hand, this can help keep us up-to-date on the information, but on another, it can very much fuel negativity, jealousy, andContinue reading “Be Supportive, Not A Rival”

Make Small Wins a Thing

Listen to this blog: Day in and day out. We undoubtedly hold ourselves to a standard higher than any generation before us. Working, parenting, managing, creating…none of it ever seems like enough. And self-care, do we even find it worthy of our time? If this hits home, then you’re not alone. Our time isContinue reading “Make Small Wins a Thing”