February 25, 2020

By Meghan Greenwood

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Admittedly, I get excited to open the slot every afternoon. What could it be? A new magazine? A card from a friend? Maybe a flyer for a community event? I don’t know what it is about that grey box…it just sparks unavoidable curiosity deep inside.

Alas, my excitement turns to disappointment when I see yet another bill or coupon for something I certainly don’t need. Obligations. Junk. Ick. I begrudgingly shove the letters in my purse. And what do I do next with the stack of white envelopes? Empty my purse and pile them up on my desk…for weeks.

I have gotten myself into such a rut over mail that it actually pains me to open it. I’d rather move the ever-growing pile from my desk to the adjacent futon every time I have to open my laptop screen (the mail has its messy home on top of the laptop) than wade through it. Overdue bills, missed sign-ups, unopened birthday cards. Guilty as charged.

We forget sometimes how dependent we’ve become on email. It’s so easy to leaf through emails on my phone in the morning while I’m just starting to fully wake up. Swipe left to erase. Flag for later. Oh, that bill needs paid by tomorrow? Open the App and one-click. Done.

But the snail mail still comes. Everyday it pollutes my mailbox, and everyday I go through the eagerness/letdown rollercoaster. I don’t necessarily want to burst into song like Steve from Blue’s Clues. But I do need ways to keep the curiosity flowing, at least enough to actually open the envelope despite the sender’s name. CapitalOne, I’m looking at you.

What routine do you keep to sort and answer your mail? Drop me a line!

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