5 Ways to Make New Friends

November 7, 2022

By Meghan Greenwood

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As adults, we sometimes feel like we’re back in kindergarten, unsure of how to navigate making new friends. We may be unhappy with our current friend circle, or we are simply hungry for more friends that fit our new chapter of life. Either way, all hope is not lost. Try these 5 strategies to meet new people:

1. Visit local establishments, such as cafes, libraries, restaurants, and strike up conversations.

2. Get involved in local volunteer opportunities. Give back while you meet other do-gooders.

3. Try something new. Sign-up for a class at your community recreation center or library. Converse with folks who also like to learn. 

4. Use Apps or services like Meet-Up to be paired with like-minded individuals. 

5. Host a get-together with friends and ask them to each bring 1 new person. Circles may overlap and grow when there are already established connections.

Put yourself out there and find your tribe.


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