Can we have a dance party?

Do what you feel now…

Listen to this blog:

It’s a cool morning. The sun is just barely starting to peek through the blinds, and it likely won’t shine bright today. Ughh, another dreary Pittsburgh winter morning.

I feel sore. Maybe I slept on my arm? I need water. So dry. Man, it sucks getting old.

“Mom!! I want to watch PJ Masks!” he shouts, climbing into our bed. It’s 6:00 am…on a Saturday. I begrudgingly find the remote hidden under the covers, switch on Netflix, and desperately try to soak up another 15 minutes of rest.

“I want to wear my red shirt today. No jeans. Where are we going? Where’s my car? Do you want to see my flashlight?” he says loudly. I can hear the baby starting to stir in his crib 2 rooms away.

I pick myself up out of bed, exhausted and not ready to tackle the list that is today. Laundry, grocery shopping, pay bills, pick up that package from post office, put gas in the car, birthday card for friend, reach out to potential sitters, soccer practice, make lunch, fix the broken toy tractor, hang the chalkboard, unload the dishwasher, and manage to get everyone ready for dinner at grandpa’s house.

Then I hear a quieter voice.

“Mom, can we have a dance party?”

Instantly, my stress levels decrease. I feel the weariness of the (early) morning wake-up call lifting.

“Absolutely. What do you want to listen to?”

He excitedly starts running towards the Alexa where he shouts his favorite song. He starts jumping around and swaying side to side. I can’t help but join in.

It’s all about the little things. And it really helps when your kids know you so well 🙂

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