Do Good, Feel Good

Listen to this blog:–Feel-Good-erd87d In the time of social distancing, it seems hard to make a connection – whether it’s with a tried and true friend, a long-distance relative, or with literal touch (I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hold back from shaking hands or hugging someone). Despite these challenges, thereContinue reading “Do Good, Feel Good”

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Listen to this blog: Day in and day out. Slugging behind a computer desk, especially in the primarily virtual world. Posture failing, legs cramping, eyes drying. Sitting certainly lends to more sitting. But we know the risks. With the promotion of X-minute breaks per hour, FitBits and other step trackers, and plethora of reportsContinue reading “A Body in Motion Stays in Motion”

Divine Dissatisfaction

Listen to this blog: How is your celebration of small victories going? Have you had a chance to live in the present and/or reflect on everything you have accomplished? I hope you have attempted this practice and found it fruitful. For all right-sided brains, some additional advice to get you through. As a creativeContinue reading “Divine Dissatisfaction”

Make Small Wins a Thing

Listen to this blog: Day in and day out. We undoubtedly hold ourselves to a standard higher than any generation before us. Working, parenting, managing, creating…none of it ever seems like enough. And self-care, do we even find it worthy of our time? If this hits home, then you’re not alone. Our time isContinue reading “Make Small Wins a Thing”

8 Ways You’re Saving By Staying Home

Listen to this blog: We are living in very strange times. Most of us are currently under a stay-at-home restriction. We can all certainly point out the negatives, but let’s try looking at this from a cost-savings standpoint. Just think… You’re likely saving money when it comes to your car. Not going anywhere, noContinue reading “8 Ways You’re Saving By Staying Home”

10 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Home Stay

Listen to this blog: Clean something out. That closet, drawer, toy chest you’ve been putting off. Now is the perfect time to create a donate and a trash pile. Read a book. The one that has collected dust on your shelf because you’ve never had the time. Take an online class. With tons toContinue reading “10 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Home Stay”

Can we have a dance party?

Listen to this blog: It’s a cool morning. The sun is just barely starting to peek through the blinds, and it likely won’t shine bright today. Ughh, another dreary Pittsburgh winter morning. I feel sore. Maybe I slept on my arm? I need water. So dry. Man, it sucks getting old. “Mom!! I wantContinue reading “Can we have a dance party?”