Pgh Dreamer 2022: A Year in Review

December 28, 2022

By Meghan Greenwood

Listen to the Pgh Dreamer’s Pod 2022 Wrap Up:

2022 was a year of re-emerging from our bunkers and possibly taking some time to re-establish ourselves as functional human beings in society. While I hope you gave yourself enough leeway to grieve what once was and embrace the present, I do leave the year with a glowing sense of hope. Especially, the hope portrayed by all of our esteemed podcast guests this year!

We started off the year by talking with Shannon Gregg, an innovator, motivational speaker, and all-around business guru. She taught us a good lesson about getting your children involved in the entrepreneurial spirit! Next, we spoke with Jennifer DiPietrantonio, dance studio owner and teacher extraordinaire, and learned that when you have a passion for something, you can’t deny it, you need to just go for it!

Erika Banks, premiere Greensburg-based photographer, also went after a deep-seeded passion from her childhood and continues to reinvent herself as life’s journey changes. Community leader, Pgh celebrity, and the Age-Friendly Pittsburgh director Laura Poskin also taught us about loving each stage of life and always going after your goals.

Educator and entrepreneur Jessica Mascara took a huge leap when she left her full-time job to become a business owner; despite challenges of starting your own business, her gut told her and continues to assure her that this was the right move. Debbie Sargent, owner of Pink House Chocolates, also strives to think outside of the box and serve the needs of the community with new takes on delicious sweets.

Alea Lewis had a soul-calling and went after the opportunity to teach dance full-time. And Mary Robinson put all of the business skills she learned in the corporate world to establish the very well-organized, parents-in-mind Bower School House for local children. Growing up with some struggles, Jacklyn Orefice turned to art and community to find her purpose, which has led to her beautiful Songbird Artistry shop.

Marissa Vogel also made a huge shift into the non-profit world, creating Open Up Pgh, a place for all-inclusive, accessible yoga and improv for all ages. Anna Harsh found herself launched into her now 30+ year career as an Italian dance educator after her college thesis project caught the attention of the Pittsburgh area. And Bethany Hall’s determination to teach kids how to dance has led her to perform in some of Pittsburgh’s biggest arenas!

Jenny Sines knew what it meant to refocus this year; her long-time yoga offerings were paused so that she could find herself again. Sarah (Petro) Just also found her new purpose in the community by opening The Space GBG, a place where like-minded souls can gather and develop together.

Dance entrepreneur Rickia Davenport has taken her love of movement and created programs and work for all ages to begin deeper conversations about mental health. Kelley Costa, owner of Churn, has also embarked on her successful entrepreneurial journey despite the physical health challenges she’s had to overcome.

Co-owner of Iron City Circus Arts, Kelsey Keller pivoted from science and pursued her dreams to the fullest. Mojoyin Abolarin, owner of JoJo’s Shoes, put her business savvy brain to work in designing and founding gorgeous shoes for women of all sizes.

Hailey Corton has taken her foundation in massage therapy and developed Wexford Medical Massage, devoted to treating focused physical areas. Dr. Cindy Zurchin’s life changed many years ago after she suffered a serious accident; ever since, she has been driven to educate children on and off the dance floor. And last but certainly not least, KD Meucci, educational leader and founder of Happy Apple Consulting, did not let a life-altering moment hold her back from pursuing her goals – her story even got the attention of the Ellen Show!

I want to thank all of our guests for their time and sharing their stories with our listeners. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to Subscribe to the Pgh Dreamer’s Pod and catch up on episodes over the holiday break.

As we say goodbye to 2022 and get ready for 2023, I can assure you that the inspiring stories will continue. Stay tuned!


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