Write It Down

Grab yourself a pen

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I have to get the prescription. And then make sure I set the slow-cooker for 8 hours. Ohh, what about that email to John? I promised I’d get that spreadsheet done by the end of the day.

Sound familiar?

Our brains tend to always be thinking. No matter what your stage of life, you have responsibilities. Those responsibilities may be big or small, but nonetheless, they are still things we need to do.

Rather than rely on that squishy material behind our eyes, pull out the notepad – or electronic notepad – and jot it down.

Writing things down is a good habit to adopt. It not only keeps you organized and prevents forgetfulness, but it forces you to visualize the task at hand. Once you see it written out, your brain starts to think about creative and possibly, more efficient ways of getting it done. You can process when you take the thought out of your head and onto ‘paper’.

ENORMOUS tasks will seem more attainable. ROTTEN tasks may not seem as bad. After all, it’s just a couple of words.

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