Pick It & Stick It

November 3, 2021

By Meghan Greenwood

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Post-its, sheets of paper, calendar, daily planner, a folder, your phone. All of these strategies are useful in their own right for keeping track of our schedule and to do list. However, if you’re anything like the majority, we sometimes get caught in a spiral of writing down notes and details across multiple platforms. And then come time to actually act on the task, we are too busy searching for and putting together pieces of the puzzle. Had we just been organized from the start, we could save ourselves loads of time and effort.

For example, while sitting in a meeting recently, I quickly jotted down a note on the nearest piece of scrap paper. I left the meeting and shoved it in my pocket…never to see the light of day. I promptly lost that note and with my head held in shame, had to ask the leader the same question the next day. Why I didn’t bring my favorite notepad to the meeting is beyond me. While this wasn’t the end of the world, it certainly highlighted the necessity of a single method.

The single method strategy is an essential way to stay on top of deadlines and critical information.

To start, choose your preferred form – electronic or paper.

If you chose paper, think about what works best for you. A single notebook that you carry around like another appendage? A running notepad of tear-off checklists? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you stick with it.

If you chose electronic, which app is going to be the most useful? Maybe something that syncs with your email? Allows for note taking and scheduling? Pick something that matches your professional or personal life.

And speaking of professional and personal life, it is also a good idea to keep these two clearly demarcated in your method of choice.

For example, say you like Google calendar. Rather than scheduling personal and job-related items on the same calendar in the same way, maybe try color coding? Pink for personal, blue for job? You are still remaining consistent with your electronic method, but you are taking the next organizational step to better your scheduling and curb the chaos. And if you’re a paper enthusiast, invest in some brightly colored highlighters!

We certainly have the wiring to follow through and carry out, but we are not built to retain endless notes, dates, and times. Pick a single organization strategy and stick to it!


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