Thank You To Our Season 3 Dreamers: An Our Path Recap

August 29, 2022

By Meghan Greenwood

Listen to the podcast:

Over the past year, I’ve been so lucky to hear from many Pittsburgh dreamers. In particular, the Burgh’s ladies showcased their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

We heard from Barbara Brutt, Katie Hart, and Alicia ‘DJ EESH’ Delmastro as they have turned passion into fulfilling side hustles.

Shannon Gregg, Mary Robinson, and Susan Queen took their education to the next level, taking what they learned in the real-world workplace and starting their own businesses.

Lindsay Surmacz combined her education and passions into creative outlets for the community; and Jessica Mascara and Sarah (Petro) Just have also branched out to develop spaces that bring the community together. Debbie Sargent saw an unmet need in her community, dove in, and learned as she went.

Jenly Deiter verbally manifested a highly successful business. And Bethany Hall, Erika Banks, Jennifer DiPietrantonio and Alea Lewis have used their childhood soul calling to push forward into being their own boss.

Aubrey Worek talked to us about learning from the past and rebranding. Anna Harsh thought it was just her thesis project, but when the community responded, she grew the idea into a full-time business.

Laura Poskin and Marissa Vogel respectively run successful non-profits that provide accessible resources to the aging population and people living with disabilities. And Jacklyn Orefice and Jenny Sines overcame their own struggles by immersing themselves in their crafts, which led to inspiring business ventures.

If you have not already done so, please take a listen to their episodes. Each one of these ladies is unique, but overwhelmingly inspiring. It really does show that when you put your mind to something, the possibilities are endless! Thank you to all of them for offering their time and beautiful stories.

Stay tuned for our next season, where we will be speaking with more motivating women of Pittsburgh. And, as always, never stop dreaming.


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