Strategically Placed Razors

September 2, 2020

By Meghan Greenwood

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Managing kids, work, a home, and side hustles is taxing yet invigorating. The joy I get from each lights the fire to keep going and to do it all well…however, there are certainly pieces that fall through the cracks.

For example, I most definitely have ignored an email, or 10. My LinkedIn notifications are overflowing, I have yet to sign up for autopay on several accounts, and I never seem to be able to delete and organize my Inbox. However, if I deem it high priority or personally important, I respond – the convenience of having a phone attached at all times with email accessibility.

Similarly, my drawers/cupboards/closets/etc are neat but certainly not organized. They also could use a good purge. But as long as I can find what I need, it’s just a slab of wood from an outsider’s perspective.

Regarding the kiddos, I am typically scrambling to get their bags ready for school. There are days when they eat breakfast in the car. I also tend to be lax on brushing their hair, ironing their clothes, or keeping precise drop-off times. And that calendar of daily events for school? I sometimes glance and prep. Nevertheless, they are fed, clean, and for the most part, generally happy. And keeping some baby wipes and changes of clothes in the car never hurts.

And when it comes to my self-care, I may have dropped the ball once or twice…and learned my lesson for it. No longer do I rely on remembering to actually shave my legs. Considering the antiquated task is dull, relentless, and takes a long time, I tend to avoid it. Until summer. Then, I feel overly cautious about forgetting. To remedy this cognitive lapse, I strategically place shaving razors in purses, in the middle console of my car, and most likely in a few coat pockets over the years. While water (or a bathroom) may not always be accessible, the on-the-go drive shave has saved me many an embarrassing moment in shorts.

So next time I get a comment from a friend about how they can’t believe I’m able to juggle it all…well, I’m not, really. I take shortcuts to get it done. And keep supplies on demand for when I do forget.

My grandfather always left his medication, breakfast, and other important items on the kitchen counter, instead of utilizing the drawers. Now I know why and will never criticize for it.

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  1. Karlyn Greenwood

    You make me laugh Meg!

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