Our Path Series: Shana Simmons

July 24, 2023

By Meghan Greenwood

shana simmons dance
shana simmons dance

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Shana Simmons is the Artistic Direction of Shana Simmons Dance, a company with a passion to create unique and engaging contemporary dance through immersive productions. Shana is a movement artist who creates works that have a heavy focus on research as practice. Each thematic movement exploration roots itself in studio tasks related to socially relevant topics, taking into consideration the physical and emotional experience of the dancer as response to the experimentation. Her work aims to engage the viewer in thoughtful ways, encouraging active participation, and absorbing them into the piece as part of the final meaning of the work. SSD’s projects rely heavily on partnerships and outreach to explore topics relevant to our community at large with a heavy focus on the integration of movement in education. SSD collaborates with other companies and choreographers, providing collaborative platforms for cultural dance styles to be accessed and has performed their works in NY, Belgium, London, Chicago, and of course, Pittsburgh.



IG: @shanasimmonsdance


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