8 Ways You’re Saving By Staying Home

Silver linings = Zero primping needed!

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We are living in very strange times. Most of us are currently under a stay-at-home restriction. We can all certainly point out the negatives, but let’s try looking at this from a cost-savings standpoint. Just think…

  1. You’re likely saving money when it comes to your car. Not going anywhere, no gas needed!
  2. And speaking of cars, the wear-and-tear on your 2013 Outback just dramatically decreased in speed. You may not need those new tires until next year!
  3. What about primping? If we are stuck at home, how often are we really putting on makeup or doing our hair? Think of all the moola you’re not currently spending on lipsticks and Vavoom!
  4. And when it comes to primping, you best believe I’ve lived in pajamas for 3 days straight (see pic above). Saving the planet one less load of laundry at a time! Heck, we’re already decreasing pollution by not driving.
  5. If you’re limiting eating out, you are likely being more deliberate about cooking. Who doesn’t love cutting calories!
  6. If you had a club membership, for fitness, recreation, activities, etc, you don’t have to renew for April! And if you’re feeling guilty, you can certainly donate now or plan to volunteer time in addition to $ to help out your organization in the future. In the interim, check out some discounted or free classes online.
  7. Time. Some would say it is our most valuable asset. And now we likely have some extra. Use it in clever and wise ways. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on a home project? Or a self-care task? Now’s your time.
  8. And above all, you are saving precious healthcare resources by STAYING HOME.

Keep at it everyone. You’re doing a fine job!

10 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Home Stay

Pretty ducks, all sitting in a row

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  1. Clean something out. That closet, drawer, toy chest you’ve been putting off. Now is the perfect time to create a donate and a trash pile.
  2. Read a book. The one that has collected dust on your shelf because you’ve never had the time.
  3. Take an online class. With tons to learn and do virtually, keep your body and mind stimulated in the comfort of home.
  4. Organize. Have a pile of papers, drawer of do-dads, or overflowing closet of clothes? Dive right in!
  5. Be creative. Write, paint, craft, build, color. The world is your oyster.
  6. Do your taxes. Yeah, I said it. If you were planning on filing yourself, why not check that off the to-do list?
  7. Carve out a space for self-care. Plop a pillow down near a window, place a yoga mat near your indoor plant, replace that unnecessary end table with a book nook. Make a space just for you.
  8. And speaking of self-care, soak in a tub, meditate, stretch. Rest, reflection, and well-being can be a nice change from the typical rat-race.
  9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. On the phone. What a concept!
  10. And if the stress of staying home is too much to handle, take a break from social media. Sometimes stress can be amplified if others are also stressed and making it known. If you go off the grid for a few days, you may find yourself more relaxed than ever.


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In Your Face

Simple reminders

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I don’t consider myself an overly visual person. I have always been more attracted to words than pictures. That being said, my wall has sported an “inspiration” word board since as long as I can remember.

In childhood, I covered the wall in words I cut from magazines, chaotically pasted to a white sheet of construction paper. Don’t ask me what those words may have been…I shudder to think! Barbie? JTT? Some other overly emotional terms to portray my hormonal adolescence?

In college, my apartment wall had a collage of colorful paper, where I encouraged friends to write (oftentimes inappropriate) messages. I’m certain that parties led to some zingers. Ahh, those were the days.

In graduate school, I clipped inspirational strips from newspapers and tacked them to my lab bench. Anything to get me through the day.

When I first moved in with my husband, I transformed the bathroom wall. A corkboard of quotes, cards from present and deceased family members, and magazine clippings greeted me every morning for almost 10 years. That corkboard moved with me to my new home, although I have upgraded a few items.

I want to instill that same practice in my LOs. I recently covered an old corkboard in chalk paint and Command-ed it to the “toy room” wall. I encouraged my oldest to tell me something that made him happy. The color red was his first choice. I chuckled and then let him write it as I spelled. He’s red’s biggest fan.

I hope this becomes regular.

The power of words.

What do you look to for daily motivation? I’d love to hear your strategies. Drop me a line below!

Snack stasher


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In the nightstand drawers. Under my desk. Inside the car door. Snacks. Pretty much everywhere.

I am a grazer. Like a cow, I prefer to chew all day long. Little bits here and there…just enough to keep my blood sugar steady, apparently. At least that’s what I tell myself.

While I never really grazed prior, in my late 20’s, I felt the urge to always have carbs within arms reach. Maybe it was an increase in stress…or a more sedentary job…or convincing myself that I needed constant fuel to stay alert. Regardless, it has now become habit. And for the most part, not a good one: cookies, crackers, chips. The 3 C’s.

My husband has supported my habits, often leaving surprise snacks in my car or under my desk. I love him for it.

My kids, on the other hand, have made many failed attempts to commandeer said snacks. To which I responded by shifting them into better hiding spots.

I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I do have aspirations to substitute in protein bars, dried fruit and nuts…but for now, the 3 C’s dominate.

I guess Mommy needs her vice too.

Can we have a dance party?

Do what you feel now…

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It’s a cool morning. The sun is just barely starting to peek through the blinds, and it likely won’t shine bright today. Ughh, another dreary Pittsburgh winter morning.

I feel sore. Maybe I slept on my arm? I need water. So dry. Man, it sucks getting old.

“Mom!! I want to watch PJ Masks!” he shouts, climbing into our bed. It’s 6:00 am…on a Saturday. I begrudgingly find the remote hidden under the covers, switch on Netflix, and desperately try to soak up another 15 minutes of rest.

“I want to wear my red shirt today. No jeans. Where are we going? Where’s my car? Do you want to see my flashlight?” he says loudly. I can hear the baby starting to stir in his crib 2 rooms away.

I pick myself up out of bed, exhausted and not ready to tackle the list that is today. Laundry, grocery shopping, pay bills, pick up that package from post office, put gas in the car, birthday card for friend, reach out to potential sitters, soccer practice, make lunch, fix the broken toy tractor, hang the chalkboard, unload the dishwasher, and manage to get everyone ready for dinner at grandpa’s house.

Then I hear a quieter voice.

“Mom, can we have a dance party?”

Instantly, my stress levels decrease. I feel the weariness of the (early) morning wake-up call lifting.

“Absolutely. What do you want to listen to?”

He excitedly starts running towards the Alexa where he shouts his favorite song. He starts jumping around and swaying side to side. I can’t help but join in.

It’s all about the little things. And it really helps when your kids know you so well 🙂



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Admittedly, I get excited to open the slot every afternoon. What could it be? A new magazine? A card from a friend? Maybe a flyer for a community event? I don’t know what it is about that grey box…it just sparks unavoidable curiosity deep inside.

Alas, my excitement turns to disappointment when I see yet another bill or coupon for something I certainly don’t need. Obligations. Junk. Ick. I begrudgingly shove the letters in my purse. And what do I do next with the stack of white envelopes? Empty my purse and pile them up on my desk…for weeks.

I have gotten myself into such a rut over mail that it actually pains me to open it. I’d rather move the ever-growing pile from my desk to the adjacent futon every time I have to open my laptop screen (the mail has its messy home on top of the laptop) than wade through it. Overdue bills, missed sign-ups, unopened birthday cards. Guilty as charged.

We forget sometimes how dependent we’ve become on email. It’s so easy to leaf through emails on my phone in the morning while I’m just starting to fully wake up. Swipe left to erase. Flag for later. Oh, that bill needs paid by tomorrow? Open the App and one-click. Done.

But the snail mail still comes. Everyday it pollutes my mailbox, and everyday I go through the eagerness/letdown rollercoaster. I don’t necessarily want to burst into song like Steve from Blue’s Clues. But I do need ways to keep the curiosity flowing, at least enough to actually open the envelope despite the sender’s name. CapitalOne, I’m looking at you.

What routine do you keep to sort and answer your mail? Drop me a line!

Ready for an accountability partner?

10 Reasons Why Accountability Works

Power In Numbers

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  1. Trust & Success: If you are accountable to someone, you are more likely to implement what you know into what you do. Ken Blanchard, author of “Know Can Do” and creator of Blanchard LeaderChat, suggests 15-30 minute one-on-one conversations every 2 weeks can not only build trust, but also support focus and success.
  2. Tracking: An accountability partner can keep you on track with checklists, worksheets, or other easy ways of effective and focused goal management.
  3. Social commitment: Being socially committed to an accountability partner increases your odds of successfully completing a task from 65% to 95%.
  4. Constructive criticism: A third-party accountability buddy can provide constructive criticism and help modify the way you look at your goals.
  5. Self-worth: Healthy conversations about your goals can not only help re-frame them into achievable tasks but can also boost your self-worth, in turn motivating you to crush your goals!
  6. Outer expectations: As described by author Gretchen Rubin, obligers, people who meet outer expectations but resist inner expectations, may need an accountability partner. If they set a goal for themselves, they’ll likely avoid it – however, if they feel a duty to another person to meet that goal, they’ll achieve it!
  7. Avoid disappointment: We are easily influenced by social pressures. If we tell someone we’re going to do something, we will try our best not to disappoint them.
  8. SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Writing down and sharing SMART goals with a friend can significantly boost your success.
  9. Clear reasons: An accountability partner can help you determine a clear “why“? Taking a step back and having a conversation about the reasons you’re setting these goals can be enough motivation to proceed or re-frame.
  10. Power in numbers: You’re not alone. Having a third-party accountability buddy can establish a sense of family. Support of an encouraging person is pivotal, especially when the going gets tough.

Interested in a virtual accountability buddy?